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CAMPINGMOON Portable Folding Gas Stove XD-1
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CAMPINGMOON Portable Folding Gas Stove XD-1

Model: XD-1

Material: aluminum, copper, stainless steel

Expanded size: diameter 168-high 90MM

Power: 4.9KW (in the case of inverted cans)

Air consumption: 200g/h

Net weight: 390g


It is a professional stove suitable for outdoor mountaineering, camping, expedition, crossing, trekking, cycling and other fields. Using the first into the aluminum die casting process and the high-temperature stainless steel, and with the unique flame combustion system, and to achieve normal use at minus 15 ° alpine cold environment without preheating.
(Note: minus 15 ° may condense normal fuel environment, it is recommended to use with mountain gas)
50 gas injection hole while rotating, to achieve a savings of less than 10% of the gas furnace than the mountains of the same level of power, increased Combustion efficiency, fast heating speed! The two-stage folding design of the lower bracket saves space and is convenient to carry outdoors!