Portable Mini Gas Stove (BDZ-130-A)
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Mini aluminum profile portable cassette furnace

Burner material: copper / aluminum
Panel material: aluminum alloy
Cylinder base: using fingerprint resistant galvanized sheet
Number of ignitions: at least 15,000
Ignition efficiency: 98%
Ignition method: Piezoelectric ceramic ignition
Panel material: Galvanized sheet

Five safety protection devices; make customers' use safer.
1. Overpressure protection safety device; when the cylinder pressure is too high, it can automatically cut off the gas path.

2. Gas cylinders are equipped with interlocking safety devices; gas cylinders cannot be installed if the switch is turned off and the knob is in the on position.

3. The joint of the card furnace and the gas cylinder valve adopts the joint double sealing device.

4, Anti-moving pot support inverted device.

5. Prevent the cylinder from being misaligned.

Five characteristics of cassette stoves; ideal products for picnic and home use.
1. Piezoelectric ceramic electronic ignition, convenient ignition, saving time and effort.

2. The flame is pure blue and does not pollute the cooking utensils and indoor environment.

3. the size of the firepower can be adjusted freely, and it remains stable.

4. The furnace body is exquisite in craftsmanship, smooth and easy to clean.

5. The furnace body is light and easy to carry, and has good stability.

Model: BDZ-130-A

Size: 25 * 21 * 9CM

Applies to: Butane Gas

Weight: 1.1kg


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1 x Portable Mini Gas Stove (BDZ-130-A)

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