Heavy Duty Camouflage Poncho
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1. Great For: Survival, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Military, Tactical,riding,camp out ,shoot,bird ,jungle safaris,jungle,travel,camouflage,fishing,mountainclimbing,watching,shoot, and all other outdoor activities as well as Halloween costumes
2. Made from 100% Rip-Stop Waterproof Polyester Material; Durable yet Lightweight
3. Adult Sized; Dimensions: 55*39"(L x W),come with an quality storage bag,can be closed for added protection from rain or be opened and spread out to utilize and maximize its coverage like use it as a tarp.
4. Grommet Corners For Use As Emergency Shelter Or Sleeping Bag When Used as A Military Poncho 5.Protects you and your backpack from heavy wind and rain, all-in-one easy-to-wear raincoat
5. Multi function: You will want to sleep in the tent when you are tired. So you need to carry extre tent. And it will add your baggage weight. But if you have this product, you will have not this worries. because you only need to carry a rain poncho, you will have tent and rain coat at the same time. Of course,it also can be used as shelter from rain and wind.

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1 x Heavy Duty Camouflage Poncho

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